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FAQ # 1 What is MidsUp Worldwide and why was it created?


MidsUp Worldwide® was created to celebrate our sisterhood across the globe. We are an “unofficial” DST social media group. We gather here to share our personal and professional milestones and achievements. We do not speak for DST. The group was started in 2016 as a celebration for our Founders Day. The group was such a success that we decided to keep the love going. Within the group, we celebrate the achievements of our sisters and encourage them when they call on us for support.


MidsUp also believes in upholding the policies of DST and we do not post anything that goes against the organization. To continue or plight on community service, through our T-shirt drive we were able to donate 300 cases of water to Flint Michigan. We promote sisterhood through our Sip and Paints which supports a Soror business and now Sailing out to Sea as a group where we have a Soror, Brenda Nelson who works for Carnival is helping to make this happen. We have so much more that is coming through the pipeline. We will only support Soror businesses and make the group aware of them.


FAQ #2 What Community Service or Events were completed and produced by MidsUp Worldwide?


MidsUp Worldwide donated 300 bottles of water to the Flint, MI Clean Water initiative through the t-shirt drive. We have also created events that promote sisterhood through our SIp & Paints which is an event that is hosted across the US in various regions. Currently, directly through Carnival Cruiseline, we are hosting a MidsUp Worldwide cruise connecting sisters across the world to network. 


FAQ #3 Who owns the trademark/name to MidsUp Worldwide and why was it trademarked?


MidsUp Worldwide® was becoming a very popular name with almost 70K Deltas combining all platforms. Because of this, we started seeing the name used outside of what we were trying to achieve. So, we had to protect the name and the mission... MidsUp Worldwide® is registered and trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademarked Office and owned by the partners of MidsUp Worldwide®, LLP. Our Logo consists of the pyramid with the Globe inside the hands. This is how you will know it is MidsUp Worldwide®.


FAQ #4 What groups on the networks are associated with MidsUp Worldwide?


MidsUp Worldwide® created and supports all the groups you see linked to this current group page.

  • Official MidsUp Worldwide®

  • MidsUp Business Owners

  • MidsUp Educators

FAQ #5 What is MidsMart?


MidsUp Worldwide® created a platform to where soror businesses and book authors can safely promote their products or service. We review every business on the platform. We want to make sure that Sorors are presenting the best customer service and that Sorors are receiving their products. In the past, we had a few hiccups by just allowing sales in the group and with DST policies we had to find a way to protect MidsUp Worldwide® and the group members.


FAQ #6 What is MidsConnect Magazine?


MidsUp Worldwide® is a monthly publication that started in October of 2018 to highlight our sisters and their achievements. It is a publication that we provide for FREE to readers. The admins pay for the platform and do not get paid to create almost a 100-page document; it is done out of love for their sisters and the group. We are sent photos daily to be featured in the publication and we also create posts in the group asking sorors to post the photos they want to see featured in the magazine. Sorors are required to get permission from the photographer to publish in the magazine and provide the info for photo credit of the work. If you did not take the photo, always make sure you ask the owner for permission to use it. Once you get permission, you then need to ensure you have the correct license for the image as well. We do write-ups on various topics in the magazine.

Send all info to to be featured.

FAQ #7 What are our Social Media Platforms?

MidsUp Worldwide® is currently on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,


Instagram: @MidsUpWorldwide

Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:

Twitter: @MidsupWorldwide

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